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A Shameless Plug Ian Likes: Bibliorati.com

A little-known fact is that I once had a gig reviewing books for five years. It was for a now-defunct website known as The Specusphere. It was awesome fun: I scored some books by favourite writers, found some new authors to follow and got to see my words in print and, occasionally, re-used for publicity purposes.

I also think that reviewing books made me a better reader: not more discerning, unfortunately, but a little sharper at picking out things that I liked, or ideas that I’d seen before. It also gave me a new zest for reading and sharing things that I liked.

The Specusphere folded in 2014 but I’ve managed to relocate to a new site called Bibliorati. You can find it here. It’s the brainchild of publisher Tommy Hancock and it’s a site for people who like reading.

That’s it, really.

It has a small amount of content at the moment but it is growing daily and contains material from over a dozen writers, myself included. I author a weekly feature called Banks On Books, which functions much the same as this website but on a more regular basis. I talk about books I’ve read and what I like about them and what I think makes them a good read.

I hope you enjoy it.




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